Cart model FCB

Cart Model FCB transport truck or boxes by hand.

Cart with galvanized iron frame, four wheels with rubber bearing on the pin and handle. The carriage is provided with two guides on the sides that facilitate the sliding of the container when filled with fruit.

The four wheels allow great stability and easy transport even when fully loaded. The handle allows the manual tow the truck in a convenient location to the user.

The measurement in length is fixed to 110cm, but adjustable in width min-max 110-130 cm
The maximum permitted capacity per cart: 600 kg max
Height of the loading platform from the ground: 200 mm
Minimal size of the transportable bin: 1120x1260x450 mm
Maximum size of the container transportable: 1120x1260x770 mm
Maximum height permittedload: 1100 mm
Weight kg. 40